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Transporting your high value products can be a major challenge. That's why we're here. Our experience and expertise provides peace of mind for our clients. As a Donovan Logistics client, you'll receive the highest level of customer service and satisfaction. 


Our clients require specialized logistics expertise and equipment because of the high value attached to their freight. We provide specialty logistics and transportation services for the retail, electronics, healthcare, hospitality, and trade show industries. 

Our trailers are specifically designed to haul sensitive freight such as medical equipment, servers, secure data systems, trade show exhibits, machinery and other items that require careful handling and transportation. 


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We help businesses across multiple industries transport, coordinate and deliver their high value products and equipment.

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By Justyn Faber 18 Jul, 2017

We're proud to announce that Donovan Logistics has been named the exclusive Mayflower Express agent for New England. As the exclusive Express Agent, we perform 100% of all pick-ups & deliveries registered across the Mayflower family of agencies that are under 3,500 lbs within the New England region. 

This provides us with a larger local presence giving our clients even greater coverage. This also allows us to package client orders with Express orders to consolidate local routes, and reduce our clients costs. 

We'd love to hear form you to see how we can help your logistics operation.  

By Justyn Faber 18 May, 2017

If your company exhibits throughout the year, then you are familiar with the difference between van Lines and common carriers. In almost every situation, you’ll want to use a Van Line that specializes in trade show logistics versus a common carrier. 

Van lines like Mayflower are specifically designed to haul high value equipment such as trade show exhibit booths because of they are equipped with air-ride suspension, bars, pads, blankets and lifts. In addition,  van line drivers specialize in hauling this type of freight. 

When using a specialized trade show van line, shipping costs are based on the linear feet used in the trailer, the miles traveled, and the fuel used. Weight isn't typically a factor in pricing unless your shipment is extremely heavy. In addition, these charges are governed by tariffs, which are basically U.S. and international regulations regarding transportation costs

Van Lines like Mayflower for example, offer the fastest service besides of course small package carriers such as UPS and FedEx. This is because these loads go directly to its destination venue without any additional stops. As, opposed to common carriers which typically make multiple less than truck load (LTL)  pick up stops along the way. Common carriers cost less rate wise, but the risk of damage and late arrivals make a van line the smarter choice in the long run. 

To learn more about how we help trade show managers and exhibit design house operations please contact us by to schedule an introduction call. 

By Justyn Faber 28 Apr, 2017

Quick Trade Show transportation story to share so you don't have to deal the same issue.....

We had a long term client that every year booked a round trip order with us going to a private trade show. This client is based in MA and the first show was at a hotel in Washington, DC. After handling it successfully without any issues for 5 years in a row, the customer decided to go with an alternate option that provided them with a few hundred dollars in savings. The show location in DC had restrictions, so we would ship this on a dedicated straight truck with a lift-gate. In addition, this was a full white glove, blanket-wrap shipment. The product was lighting & staging equipment, very awkward sizes, tall pieces, odd stacking, etc. So something like this really takes someone with true moving company experience to ensure a safe & effective load/unload process.

The client called our of VP of Logistics, Dan, in a panic on the Sunday evening before the Monday show, stating that their alternate option was a disaster on the inbound load from MA to DC. This particular carrier didn’t provide the full amount of equipment, was unable to be reached for in-transit updates for weekend tracking, and showed up late for their delivery. Since this Trade Show transportation and logistics is our specialty, were able to help. By Monday morning, we had secured a replacement for the return shipment from DC to MA, and customer has booked it with us every year since. They were very impressed that not only were we responsive after hours on a weekend, but also able to secure capacity for them.

This is just one store of how we deliver value each and every time for our clients. If you've ever been in similar situation and want to learn more about our "On Time Guarantee" please visit our trade show page for more information .

Justyn Faber

Director of Business Development 

By Justyn Faber 28 Apr, 2017
We're pretty excited over here at Donovan Logistics. On April 26th we officially launched our new and improved website!

Our previous website did it's job for a while and it allowed clients and potential clients to find us online and get an ok overview of our services and capabilities. But, we knew it was missing some key things. 

For one, although it was a light weight website in terms of number of pages, it didn't exactly provide the full picture of what we specialize in. If you visited that site, you knew that we were a logistics and transportation company focused on trade shows and retail store roll-outs. That's good, since those are two main specialties of ours. What's not so that we do much more than that and we needed to convey that to our market place. We needed to segment our offering s based on industry, as they all tend to have different needs. One thing that all the industries we serve have in common however is that they all require highly specialized logistics experts, operators, trailers and equipment. 

Second, the site was really just a brochure that happened to be online. Back in the early to mid 2000's a company could maybe get away with that. We wanted our visitors to have more information, without overwhelming them. Our vision was to have a resource rich educational website that advised our market on best practices, tips and tricks, industry trends and news, and of course provided an even clearer more defined picture of our capabilities and how we can best serve our clients. 

With this plan and vision in mind, we are committed to featuring great, useful content and insights that would help our audience, clients and potential clients make more informed decisions when it comes to transportation and logistics. 

We've started on that journey and this site will be updated constantly as we receive user feedback. Our team will be adding valuable content regularly. 

So, if you're job is to manage logistics and transportation for your company then this will be a great resource for you. This  blog will also be updated regularly, so stay tuned. Our content plan includes articles for Trade Show manager, Trade show exhibitors, logistics managers, store operations, traffic managers and really anyone that needs to deal with challenging transportation issues. 

We thank you for your support and please feel free to contact us with any feedback and ideas we can incorporate into our resources and site. 

Justyn Faber
Director of Business Development 

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