About Us 

Donovan Logistics is an asset-based van line operating under the UniGroup and Mayflower family of companies. 

We have earned a reputation of excellence, honesty, and professionalism from over 50 years of servicing the public and private industries.

Donovan Logistics has been the leader in the transport of High-Value products such as trade show exhibits, electronics, retail fixtures and kiosks, telecommunications equipment, hotel and restaurant fixtures, office and medical equipment. The expertise gained over the past 51 years has enabled our operations, sales, customer service and drivers to provide our customers with an unparalleled level of service.

Our number one priority is helping businesses across various industries solve their toughest transportation challenges. 

Donovan Logistics specializes in:
  • Trade show exhibit transportation
  • Retail fixtures transportation for store roll-outs and closings 
  • Reverse logistics
  • Electronics logistics
  • Hospitality - Hotels, restaurants and resorts 
  • Distribution and warehousing
  • Medical equipment logistics 
  • Office and Industrial moves 
  • Data center relocation 
  • Telecommunications logistics
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Why Our Clients Partner With Us

Typically, general freight can be handled by common carriers. But, your freight is not "general", and like our clients, you require specialized logistics expertise and equipment because of the high product value. 

Our air-ride trailers are specifically designed to haul sensitive equipment such as medical equipment, heavy machinery, servers, secure data systems and trade show exhibits.

Our clients look to us when: 

  • Retail transportation and logistics managers have complex, time-sensitive store roll-out schedules to meet and need a van line that can coordinate and deliver your fixtures and other store assets without delay.  
  • Trade show managers have an important multi-city trade show tour approaching and it's absolutely critical that their exhibit booth and materials deliver safely, and  on time at every venue. 
  • They need to control their trade show costs due to marketing budget allocation. 
  • They need a logistics partner that understands that their business operates on thin margins and need them to maximize their abilities.  
  • Sensitive, high value equipment needs to be transported with the highest level of care and safety. 
The expertise gained over the past 51 years has enabled our operations, sales, customer service and drivers to provide our clients with an unparalleled level of service.

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